Dwight Lutheran Church

Evangeliske Lutherske Church of Wild Rice is an old Scandinavian name for an old church started in 1878 by early settlers in Dwight. Now the church is named Faith Lutheran Church of Dwight.

Before the church was built in 1882, people from Dwight, Wahpeton and Mooreton were holding services in a schoolhouse or in the log cabin home of Martin Johnson. At that time, there was no regular pastor, but rather visiting pastors, who would come great distances to speak the word of God. In 1878, Rev. J. A. Hellestvedt came from the Sheyenne Territory to meet with representatives. The church was founded that year. Rev. R. J. Wisnaes was the first pastor called to serve. His salary in 1879 was just $300. In the early days of the church, all services were conducted in Norwegian.

The building was too cold for services in the winter, so worship then was held in the school house or over the C.M. Johnson store in Dwight. In 1890, the church was renovated for $2,740 and in 1920, the current brick structure was built with a narthex added in 1977. The church celebrated it's 100th Anniversary in 1978.

Mooreton Lutheran Church

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