From Pastor Gordy

Dear Family of Faith & Mooreton Church,
As always, our summer days have gone by much to swiftly. As people who live in a “colder” climate  much of the year, these days of green grass, vacations, and lake time seem to go by in a heartbeat.  It has felt like a breath of fresh air.
Our last “in-person” Wednesday evening worship service will be held on September 8th at Mooreton Lutheran.  Then on Sunday, September 12th, worship services will resume at 8:30 am at Mooreton Lutheran and 10:30 am at Faith Lutheran. After our worship service at Faith Lutheran, there is going to be a meeting for all parents from both congregations who have children aged 4 and above. If you have children in this age group, please watch for the letter and circle the date on your calendar.  I cannot overstate how important your presence is and as your Pastor ask you to attend.
We will continue to offer our online worship service. But please remember, one of the most wonderful aspects of any congregation is that the worshipping community gathers regularly together to receive our ministry of Word and Sacrament. In addition, the time we get to spend visiting and encouraging one another is of critical importance. So please, if you are able, come as often as possible to in-person worship.   
While I am not on Facebook, Wallyn occasionally shares some posts with me. A recent one that Tertia has posted in our Parish Facebook group is one that feels appropriate for these times. From Proverbs: 3, 5-6. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” Keep in your hearts that Christ Jesus will be with you wherever you go.
Love in Christ,
Pastor Gordy