From Pastor Gordy

Dear friends,
I have often mentioned my deep love for the season of Easter. Easter, for me and I trust for you, is a season during which I carry a special inner sense of hope. My hope is based, of course, on the resurrection of Jesus from the grave. I am more grateful than ever for the witness of the Gospels, the letters of St. Paul, the letter to the Hebrews and the pastoral letters. Every time I read sections of the New Testament, the Psalms and, in the Old Testament, especially Isaiah; I find the hope and certainty of God’s forgiving love growing within me. During this time I consistently find my hopes being renewed. I am reminded of the words I heard some years ago about being Easter people in a Good Friday world. It also helps that I continue to see more and more signs of spring.
If ever we needed to walk with the bright light of hope burning deeply in our hearts, it is now. All one must do is listen to the evening news and it is easy to become discouraged. The weather this winter has been harsh with more snow than we have seen in years. Some areas of our country have seen intensive flooding and hurricanes. Each night we hear news of the continuing war between Russia and the Ukraine. There were perhaps no people who were more dispirited and anxious than the disciples who gathered in the upper room after the death of Jesus. To them the future appeared completely hopeless. Any sense of hope had been destroyed.
Then something happened! Suddenly the Risen Christ appeared in their midst and said, “Peace be with you.” And again, “Peace be with you.” When Jesus appeared peace and joy flooded their hearts. Suddenly the future brimmed full of hope once more.
My prayer is that you and I, especially when we feel discouraged that we will remember that our Lord Jesus also desires to come to us and to say to our lagging spirits “Peace be with you.” We need to allow the God of all hope to restore hope in our lives, to revive our spirits and to re-assure us that everything is going to be fine. And then we need to get back into the business of life, bringing that same sense of hope to those with whom we work and love.
Have a blessed Easter season!
Love in Christ,
Pastor Gordy